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Alisa is live!

Posted by on May 3, 2008 in fiber | 0 comments

I am so excited to be able to present my baby Alisa to you. She has come along way from an idea that I created for a secret pal way back in SP10. She is now a full fledged pattern ready to be knit by all. Purchasing locations: Ravelry & Website Remember all proceeds go to ravelry for the first two weeks that Alisa is on sale. After that time, a portion...

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FO Friday – Catrack Cowl

Posted by on May 2, 2008 in fiber | 0 comments

So the design juices have been flowing and last Wednesday I could not sleep so I cast on a new thing. Let me introduce the Cattrack Cowl. Perfect mix of yarn and pattern. Many of you might be watching the cowl craze sweep the internet. Back in November, I knit a giant swatch that have been wearing all the time. I love it so much that I put away all the...

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Thursday – Yarn Tastings

Posted by on May 1, 2008 in fiber | 0 comments

4-4.25sts/inch on US 9s30% Cotton, 30% viscose, 20% Angora, 20% Polyamide102 yds, Color: CS 127 This yarn is super cozy. I for sure would not want an entire stockinette sweater out of this yarn. It is super cozy and warm. It is a little itchy on my sensitive skin. It would be a good candidate for an airy cardigan. I just don’t feel what this could be...

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WIP Wednesday

Posted by on Apr 30, 2008 in fiber | 0 comments

Many of you are probably here to find out about Alisa. Sadly, I feel I need to delay release. The three smallest sizes work, but the largest two sizes are having problems. My test knitter Erica is on it. So I guess this is a WIP. Erica talks about it over on her blog. The new date is only a few days away. Since a few of you probably will wait to purchase...

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What a birthday it was?!

Posted by on Apr 29, 2008 in fiber | 0 comments

The weather decided to be good almost all weekend. Sunday was a bit overcast and had the usual drip drip of the Northwest. As you can see from Saturday’s post, the weather was nice enough on Friday to allow me to get pics without grimacing in cold pain. Actually it was rather pleasant during the photo shoot and when I did go out into the surf, it did...

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Dude, what are you doing inside?

Posted by on Apr 29, 2008 in fiber | 0 comments

Mr. Bun feels that once the month of April appears, we should be hanging out outside without a stupid doxie around to herd him into heart racing palpitations. No fear Mr. Bun, I think we can work out something if you are willing to wear a leash. Tis strange to be answering a question about May flowers and April showers and what I would be doing on when the...

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