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I’ve been doing this challenge without realizing that I was doing it.  I love creating one-of-a-kind garments.

My first focus was I was greatly in need of cute workout clothing especially leggings. Well I found the perfect pattern, Sloan leggings!  It has a curved separate waistband with pocket for keys, cards, or phone. It also stays up through a long run or using them as PJ pants. Yes i wear tested the heck out of my muslin. I’ve made a self drafted legging and another with a waist band that was same as the legs.  They weren’t great, but they weren’t horrible. They sat in my drawer while continued to search for the right pattern.  Since I made my wearable muslin of Sloan by Hey june, I’ve completed 5 pairs of them. I love them and want more but now I need more tops.

2015-05-06 07.27.28


Sloan leggings worked out of the pdf for me. Especially once I figured out I really did need knit interfacing not just my basic lightweight woven one. I made both views. I love the 2 tone ones and can’t wait to find the right fabric for a top to wear with it.  I have one made but I am not sure if it is too matchy matchy.

In addition to the mass of leggings, I completed a cute alphabet soup wikstan tank. Omg I adore this pattern as a knit; I am not really a fan of it in woven especially with my blessed bustline.

2015-02-17 19.43.31

I also completed a daytripper tunic. Wow is this cozy. The pockets had me hemming and hawing about if I should eliminate them next time. I now am totally in love with them. I just might use a thinner fabric the next time. I just want to live in this shirt forever. Sadly it requires washing often.  I graded the hips to the next larger size so as not too be too snug. I also made a split shirt tail hem instead of the snug ribbed hem. I like that it hangs loosely and will probably do it again.  Just need more fabric for another one.2015-03-16 15.39.32

Next up is a summery wardrobe, I have a list of pattern in my head. I will post a color theme followed by the patterns I have in mind.