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Gathering with homeschool friends

Gathering with homeschool friends

I am going to try to join in with this weekly prompt to get my blogging muscles back in shape. This week is Gather.

Gathering is so important to me. It’s about community. If I can’t gather with friends in person or online via twitter, google hangout, skype, ravelry or instagram, I feel a bit sad. I love the connections that get made each time we gather together.

When I move somewhere new, I look for places to gather with like minded people. For me that tends to be church. I take my time visiting several and asking God to guide my choice. I don’t like to change churches often so I take the decision very seriously. The only time I’ve never really had a choice in a church since becoming an adult was when Churchable and I got married. It was much harder for me to find connections but I made friendships and I miss those friends. They aren’t far away but not close enough for a casual visit especially with kids in tow now.

Our current church has amazing community that stretches beyond our members. We reach out to the homeless and help them when we can. The doors of our church are open often. We gather to worship, study the Bible, food and have fun. Our fun events involve movie nights and occasionally game nights. Before BeQuiet was born, I hosted a crafting for the holidays group.

How do you find community and gather with others?