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It’s been five years since I last blogged. A lot has changed. I felt the winds of change. I didn’t expect what came. I thought we were going to move faraway for an awesome job and I was going to throw myself into the new world, well not exactly.

What came was…

One of the rare moments when EazyC slept

One of the rare moments when EazyC slept

Kids: I’d been told on my 30th birthday that kids were statistically impossible without fertility drugs. I decided to not do a thing. Amazingly my body decided to fix itself a mere 9 months later, I was pregnant and it took me 6 to 8 weeks to realize the fact. Since that time we have had two kids: our first in October of 2010 (EaZyC)  and the second in December of 2013 (BeQuiet).

Such a happy alert guy all the time - BeQuiet

Such a happy alert guy all the time – BeQuiet

Move: That move happened, but not exactly how we expected it. My husband was offered a job out of the blue; 3 months after our first child was born. It was a contractor position, so he lived on or near the site. I didn’t move. I would go visit him occasionally. But for the first year of our son’s life, I was a single mom during the week. It was rough and after that year, my husband was offered a job. I really didn’t want to move way out on the Washington coast that I felt was impossibly far from everything. It turns out my fears were unfounded. I have found many deep new friendships and relationships. I found a home for the first time in our marriage thanks to a fantastic church that is walking distance from our home. I love that my husband has a new job. I am so excited about our new home on the Olympic coastline. We walk most places now and explore the mundane, like giant water puddles on the way home from church.

Dairy wasn't ok

This was off limits for 2.5 years.

Allergies: This one has been all consuming. After that year of single parenting, I realized something was wrong with our first son. It took me so long because I was so sleep deprived from him never sleeping. It took awhile. I slowly figured out that he might be allergic to Dairy and Eggs. Of course I panicked. How do you cook for this allergy group? Let alone cook for a small human? So I hunkered down in panic mode in a new town far from the conveniences of easy substitutes trying to figure out what is possible to cook when you take away all dairy and eggs. All breakfast food were out or at least in my brain, they were. The only option I saw was to cook vegan and add meat in when appropriate. So I did.

I jokingly called this adventure “vegan with a side of animal”. I learned how to cook without dairy and eggs. Our son got so much better. He slept at night– and he started sleeping by himself! It was–I can’t begin explain how awesome it was. Sadly, I became very paranoid whenever we left the house. I feel so much for every parent who has to deal with allergies.

After 9 months of clean eating, my mom accidentally gave him eggs. This was a blessing in disguise. Nothing happened. I thought “wow that is great!” So we gave him an egg every day for a week and nothing happened. Totally fine. I was ecstatic to have eggs back, but I’m not gonna lie, I missed my cheese. I missed my cream in my coffee. I just wasn’t going to hurt my kid by using stuff that hurt him. Now you’re going to wonder “how can what a mom eat hurt their kid?” I was still nursing because I heard the longer you gave milk, you helped allowed their gut to heal. All the basic building blocks are in the milk to heal the body.

A short while later I was gone for 6 days at TNNA and I gorged on ALL THE DAIRY. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Did I miss cheese? YES. Did I miss milky coffee? YES. BUT I didn’t miss eating the old way.

Right after he turned 3, his best friend’s dad accidentally gave him dairy in the form of yogurt because it didn’t have peanuts (a major allergy alert but not one of ours). Nothing changed for the first time in two years of being dairy-free. Nothing happened: no sleep changes, no constant “oh my gosh” issues for my little guy. So I stored this fact away for the future. I wasn’t ready to give him dairy again until the baby in my tummy was born. I didn’t want to find out that our second was also allergic and would need to take cheese away from the whole family again. Well, 2 months after my second was born, we added dairy back in and it’s been amazing. We don’t eat it like we did before kids, but it’s nice to have a slice of cheese without guilt that my kid won’t sleep that night. We eat just enough to be happy. Allergies are tough and knowing what it’s like behind the wall of allergies was eye opening.

Real Food Prep for the week

Real Food Prep for the week. With kids I can’t do it all right when I’m cooking, so I do a bunch of prep on the weekend.

Food: After all those crazy allergy changes, my food philosophy changed. I was always an EAT LOCAL girl. I had a CSA farm share since our second year of marriage. I bought meat from a local farmer. I wanted to up my game and buy a whole cow (that didn’t happen til 2013). I normally just bought a lamb each year, which was enough for 2 people. While panicking over what to cook, I found a website offering meal plans for those needing to eat dairy free and gluten free. I learned so much and my body showed me that we were on a good path. I literally dropped all my baby weight in 6 months without effort. I stumbled upon Weston A Price and his philosophy. I don’t follow very closely with some of his ideals but I do believe in less processing of dairy, more naturally fermented foods, sourdough bread, and having a tiny little homestead garden and chicken coop. My REAL FOOD adventure has begin. Come learn with me as I try to figure out what works for me and what’s just not going to matter. my old food blog has been moved into the archives. It documents my stumbling through my first two years of a CSA and the “weird” veggies that came with it.

Knitting Socks that rock

Still Knitting……. Just not as much.

Knitting & other fibery pursuits: I went from being a designer primarily to a tech editor. I moved behind the scenes to help other designers look good. So far I’ve edited 2 books and I’ve helped out on countless patterns. I love editing so much. I will continue to design but only here and there as inspiration strikes. This also allows me to be the mom I need to be. Parenting takes a lot out of me and I don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to my crafts. I need my crafting to be for me, since they help me feel like an individual.  If they were my job like they were pre-kid, I’d start to hate them and have burn out. I want to have fun and not burn out, so now my crafting and knitting time is mine and my work is still within my chosen field.

Herbs: Calendula, Elderberry, Astrugalus, Sage

Herbs: Calendula, Elderberry, Astrugalus, Sage

Herbal medicine & Natural Health: I’ve always had a crunchy side since well forever. I thought tofu burgers were awesome as a kid. Would even reject hamburgers to eat them.  In high school, I got called a hippie and said thank you (they didn’t mean it that way and I knew it, but didn’t care.) My petroleum allergy lead me further down this path personally. I choose alternative medicine over modern medicine when I can. Both my kids also seem to have my allergies to synthetics, so I have been slowly trying to figure out how to learn more. I want to treat my kids without harming them. This January, I started herbal medicine classes. My eventual goal is a Certification as a Family Herbalist.  I’m very excited about my classes.

All that has happened was just too much for my brain to process and also blog. So I dropped the ball out of necessity. I missed it though. So here I am picking it back up. My goal is to post once a week and not less than twice a month. As my new tagline states, I will be discussing way more than knitting.

I hope you’ll join me as I explore this new path.


Please excuse the mess while we get everything combined and in working order again.