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Weight loss journey after
If you click through to the photos, I’ve added a bit more facts into them

I’m super happy to be sharing with ya’ll a journey I took this summer to gain back me. One where I was willing to face the camera again. Its funny I design clothing for a living and I love it, but I was starting to dread standing in front of the camera. More and more I was dissatisfied with photo session with churchable. He might be telling me “You are beautiful”. His nickname for me is even: Beautiful. Why couldn’t I feel that beauty.

weightloss journey before
This picture was taken during the wedding ceremony when I should have been happy for my good friend.
Thanks to the other tiger for letting me use this picture.

I had a shocking realization at the end of my 30th birthday. We had just driven back from a friends wedding in Southern Oregon. I felt horrible and hated the car ride. This was something new to me. How could this have happened?

weightloss journey before
This picture was taken before we headed into the Oregon Caves for pre-wedding fun.
This photo was taken by the bride (Corgi_t on flickr and SFCorgi on ravelry)

Well that night before we walked to dinner, I stepped on the scale just to see if it was my imagination or was there some facts to go with this. And I should point out that in the 5 years of dating/marriage, churchable has seen me grow from an almost too skinny size 6 to you should be in a size 14 not those size 12’s you stuffed yourself into. I was ignoring the size change, maybe the number on the scale would get me back to reality. It stated 168. “Ok not bad I thought,” but on the way to dinner I shared with churchable that really I wasn’t that off. With the next few words out of his mouth my spirits and self-flattery hit rock bottom. He informed me that our scale weighted in 10 lbs light. EEEP!!! I was 178. No freaking way I had gained 43 lbs in 5 years but the cold hard facts were staring me in the face. With determination I ordered the healthiest thing on the menu at the Mexican place (not like there is much when its smothered in cheese and sour cream). I focused on reducing my portions.

Monday morning dawned with a realization that I needed to do something and one of those things was to get that lying and cheating scale out of the house and bring in one that could be trusted to tell me the cold hard true.

My journey had a few rules.

1. Eat three meals a day (I was knitting so much that I was luck if I hate one meal at 10pm)
2. Stick to proper portions (and no a bag of salt & vinegar chips aren’t a good lunch)
3. Make sure my fat was low (I tend to eat a lot of fat. I love my cheese and full fat dairy)
4. Make sure I have enough protein to get me through the day.
5. Find a breakfast food I could stomach every day and look forward to eating (I need a new one but yogurt, ground flaxseed and fruit got me through 4 months)
6. Exercise at least 30 min a day (Sadly I hurt my knee in mid-July so I’ve been relying on diet since then)

To help me through this journey, I used Its an amazing resource with articles, food journals (that calculate the calories, fat, carbs, & protein for you and tell you what range you need to eat in to lose the weight) and exercise journals and videos to get you moving in the right direction.

weightloss journey beforeWeight loss journey after
Before / After

As of this morning, I’m sitting pretty at 149. An almost 30lb drop from that initial weight in, but I log my actual drop to be 24 lbs based on the number the new scale gave me.  I’ve gone from a bad muffin top in size 12’s back down to the size 8s I refused to toss out.   And you know what I feel amazing to have shed so much weight: Emotional weight (I discovered several reasons that I packed on the pounds and I hope to have beat those monsters) and Physical weight.

Weight loss journey after

Well I’ve come to a plateau of which I’m happy to sit on for a while, but churchable and I have figured out that we both need to lose another 10lbs. So this goal will hopefully be completed by the new year together. 2.5lbs per month isn’t that hard to get off especially if I can add back in physical exercise now that my knee has stopped hurting. I just can’t ever run again.