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A few days ago I mentioned that the Hebrew greeting, Shalom.   Shalom has its roots in wholeness and completeness plus it tends to be tied to perfection.  For now we won’t focus on the perfection because perfection doesn’t usually get attained when we are aiming at it.  Its one of those things that sneaks up on you and then you realize things are “just perfect” and you hadn’t even tried or realized how good things were.

Shalom is a blessing (divine blessing and grace), a state of affairs and so much more.  Its one of those powerful words that seem simple but in reality is this huge iceberg submerged below the initial glance.  One who is experiencing shalom should be living in  harmony, tranquility, and prosperity.   Through this place of being flows the ability to overcomes discord and hatred in family, community, national life, and the prevention of war.  But all this peace first has to flow through these things before it ends at prevention of war.  If you can’t be at peace with your family, community or national life then how do you expect war to end.  It starts at home within our hearts and souls.  This is my main reason for focusing on the relational interpersonal side of peace.  Some times we think PEACE and that its this huge unattainable thing that can’t be budged.  It can if we focus on our inner selves.

As soon as I started thinking Peace/Shalom, I stumbled across this pattern called the Shalom Cardigan(pdf).  It has slowly grown on me to the point that I intend to join a knit-a-long being lead by my friend Tricia (SFCorgi).

This is a bulky weight knit so it will be speedy which should give me some resolve since the rest of my projects are currently being knit on small needles.  The Shalom KAL is part of Malabrigo March Madness over on the Malabrigo Junkie group on ravelry.  Just over a year ago, I stumbled across the group and now I have the honor of being an admin in the group.  I love this group of gals and gents.  Our love of yarn has spread to a love and acceptance of each other.  A peace within our differences.  Even through a rather stressful and emotionally charged election season, we continued to encourage each other even if that other person was campaigning for the other side than you were.  It was/is an awesome group to be part of.  They are where I go when things are hard.  I can spill my troubles and they listen, give hugs and if needed hand out advise or offer to shoot the person who offended you.  Plus we share our laughs and talk about how malabrigo may or may not be better than sex.

Look forward to a bright orange cardigan OTN after March 1st.  I will be at Stitches West (thursday – sunday) leading a group of gals in Malabrigo March Mass cast-on.  Look for me there or follow me on twitter (FYI I’m very careful of who I add over there so if I deny you, PM me on ravelry and let me know you want to follow me.)