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Mondays are all about peace:

I’ve been super busy with so many things that completely forgot plus I wasn’t even home on Monday so that doesn’t help the routine.


Peace an etymology:

A simple definition that is two fold.  Harmonious relationships and the absence of stress or anxiety.

How many of us struggle with those around us?  Maybe there is that one person that just rubs you the wrong way time and time again.  I know I have a few people like that and I know that I have been that person for other people.  Its just human nature to have conflict in one way or another.  We don’t strive for it; it just happens.

Also our modern culture seems to encourage and breed stress and anxiety.  We are rushing here, there and every where in between.  We never have enough time to just sit and be.  Maybe that’s why so many of us who read this blog enjoy sitting and knitting.  It allows us to just be and pulls that stress away from us.

In some of the older languages, peace is a greeting.  Like in Hebrew or Arabic, Shalom or “salaam” respectively, has multiple meanings: safety, welfare, prosperity, security, fortune, friendliness.  Most people use it for many different purposes.  Growing up in that part of the world, I’ve always understood it as “Hello, I hope you are at peace today”.  This might not be how native speakers are meaning it, but I think is like a shortened for of the American greeting, “Hi how are you today?”  A question that rarely gets an honest answer.  Normally just a “fine, thanks”  We like to put on an appearance of being ok.  Being peaceful.  Being happy with where we are in life.  But in reality we are far from this inner peace.

Peace is a sense of balance between it all.  Its not really an easy thing to balance out.

People that experience inner peace say that the feeling is not dependent on time, people, place, or any external object or situation, asserting that an individual may experience inner peace even in the midst of war.

Maybe you don’t think you feel peace.  Have you every used one of the following words to describe yourself or a situation?

Calm, calmness
Placidity, placidness

But then maybe you yearn for those feelings, words, attitudes, sense of being.

Preview of next weeks peace focus: Malabrigo March is starting and I’m knitting something “peaceful”

Wednesdays are for WIPs:

There are three items actively on my needles.

Tapestry cowl.  Round 22

Tapestry Cowl

or swiftly

In yellow soxs I box my Gox

Malabrigo Lace design

& a new design with a macro preview

Fridays are for FOs and Pattern Releases:

For several months I’ve been mentioning a secret squirrel project of which I had also roped the ever talented knittymuggins into testing for me.  She is stunningly fabulous in her abilities to help me clean up a pattern for release to the general public.

Let me introduce the Pearl Drop Sock.

Pearl Drop Complete

She has been a lovely labor of time and energy to get my vision and her (the sock’s) vision into a cohesive clearly understood manner. Each step of the way I knew a bit of what was to happen. From a lovely toe-up start to the slowly graduated pearls:

Toe and pattern shaping for the pearl drop

to the a gusseted heel flap with an optional reinforced heel:

The sock - the heel and I have history


Cute delicate picot top ribbing on the pearl drop

I was commissioned this summer by the lovely Bette of Beyond Basic Knits to create an exclusive pattern for her sock club that she was developing. I had never tried socks but I decided this was the perfect situation to attempt sock design. I loved the challenge and the small canvas that I had to work with.

The pattern will be available for sale here and on ravelry for non-sock club members on October 10th, 2009.