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Let’s review all the still OTN projects before I show you the new cast-on in celebration of sending the secret squirrel project off to its home.  FYI the secret squirrel project will be revealed the weekend after Valentines Day, so look forward to what I’ve been hiding from ya’ll.

First up, the Wheat-ear Re-Mix.

Wheat-ear remix - Hem is bound off

I cast off the hem on Monday night while siting in a lectural hall learning about financial peace.  Its ever so interesting that I’m realizing that churchable and I are actually really good with our finances, we just need a bit more savings to really experience the peace of it all.  Upon returning home,  I quickly stripped off my sweater to try on wheat-ear.  Oh I’m in love and the feel of the silk/wool on my skin is lovely.  I now can’t wait to finish it, but the sleeve islands await me.  Maybe I should try it on every once in a while to encourage myself to finish.

Tapestry Cowl with a few more rounds

The tapestry cowl actually saw quite a bit of action this weekend. I’m about ready to start round 20. I love this pattern but its not a fast knit. It will all be worth it in the end.

Butter Peeps - Dream in Color Smooshy

This has been in my stash since June or July during Project Spectrum: Air.  I really don’t do yellows all that much so I think I spent most of my time acquiring whites, greys and yellows.  Of those three colors, grey is the only one to occasionally appear in my closet or knitting, but normally in the dark metal earthy greys not the light floaty greys.  I knit the Grey skies Bubble Pullover to symbolize that color and idea.  Well this skein of yellow yarn sat, kicking its feet against the boot box tub it lives in.  I knew it needed to have a purpose but what purpose.

Sock swatch

After gifting BIL with his annual Christmas socks, Si (my oldest SIL) pulled me aside and asked if I could knit him some yellow socks.  Um yellow for the man who snubbed my choclate brown nicely striped shirt because it had a robin egg blue stripe every so often.  So I quized her about why he would want YELLOW socks.  I love that my brother in law wears my socks all the time, but I wasn’t so sure about this yellow thing.  Its a nice color but he’s not so adventurous in the color wheel.   Si proceeded to say that he had been asking for yellow socks to wear while he held a box with a gox.  Yes BIL has been slowly turned by the sweet poetry of Dr. Suess.  I can imagine with 3 little kids he will spend many hours reading One Fish Blue Fish and wearing these darn yellow socks.  They will be basic stockinette socks with some ribbing.  I love knitting for him because he’s so simple in his sock needs that I can knit them while waiting at a stop light or in the movie theator with all the lights out.