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Peace is largely referred to as WORLD peace, but I want to focus on personal peace because once personal peace is attained, all other forms of relational peace will follow.   Peace has many definitions and I hope to crack open the last on the list.  Inner peace, tranquility, serenity.  These things seem so hard to attain even in our daily life if we block out our nation or even the world.   We rarely feel truly at peace.  Well follow me through my journey of finding peace.  And then see how I express this piece using fiber.  The yarn that screamed, I AM PEACE is what made the picture above.  Its Habu a-60 Linen Paper.  I’ve lusted after this yarn since I was in art school thinking its just too pricey, so maybe I should cut my washi paper into strips and create yarn.  Well as I wandered around an LYS with Sheepie in Seattle, this yarn practically threw itself at me.  I mean come on, I had 100% yak in my hands and it refused to come home with me because the Paper was being an excellent orator of why it was better for my budget and my next project.

In addition, today while I got the girls their 3 month check up since their mammogram in November,  I stopped at Uwajimaya today because I was in NEED of an awesome Japanese stitch dictionary.  I was limiting myself to a stitch dictionary and possibly a cool pattern drafting book if I could find it.  I was sorely tempted to purchase this book but realized I love the pattern but probably won’t  ever knit stuff from it, so I put it back on the shelf.  I did get lucky and find a copy of the pattern drafting book that I wanted.  I used extreme restrain and only bought volume 1 (volume 2 is just as fabu) because it had something that would work to complete a bit of my idea for PEACE.  This outfit is starting to be very japanese, which is no suprise since I adore Issey Miyake (check out the FETE collection).

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