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I’ve been scurring around with my head buried in a pattern trying to meet a deadline that arrives Saturday.  Thankfully its all done and I’m sighing with relief that I can enjoy my weekend at the beach without four footed creatures without a care.

Wheat-ear re-mix at the waist shaping

As predicted, I’ve grown bored with the Wheat-ear pullover now that I’ve reached the waist. To my brain its all downhill from here. I probably can power through and get the body done for my class that I will be teaching in about a week on sweater fit. I’m loving the sweater but its time for more challenging things.

Yummy rolls of tapestry cowl at rnd 17

So I’ve powered through several rounds of the Tapestry, that was till Tuesday afternoon when I accidentally broke off my thumbnail to the quick while sorting the stash. Since then I really haven’t been up to much knitting. I think I can remove the bandage in the morning and enjoy a weekend of knits.

Finally some weaving

Because of my thumb injury and a conversation with BFF CareBear, I decided to bite the bullet and finally warp up my loom that’s been sitting around the house since before Churchable and I got married. The warp has been hanging out since December so that bits not so tardy. Well I’m totally thrilled to be doing my weaving, I’m not as far as I would like but then I did have this pattern to complete. Maybe I can assign one day a week to weaving something akin to the Yarn Harlot’s tuesdays are for spinning.

Don’t forget about the blog contest.