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Last week I opened up my bloggy contest without prizes.  Below you will see some lovely prizes of things I love and want to share with others.  To enter please leave a comment on the original postContest now closed.

I’m sure many of ya’ll have heard the buzz about Handknit Heroes.  I’m here to say its worth the lovely buzz its getting.

Handknit Heroes

The comic is well written and drawn.  The story line flowed and lead you to continue turning each page wondering what is up.  The characters seem to grow with the story.  The pattern is a simple scarf with a twist (rav link), which will draw the intended audience into the knitting world.  I look forward to seeing how the comic and its storyline continue.  I want to thank the publishers for allowing me to have a pre-release copy of the Handknit Heroes and for letting me give it away to you my lucky readers.

Bobicus, the ravelympics mascot

I know the ravelympics is either months away or months past.  I was proud to be one of the moderators and bobicii for the Ravelympics.  It was a whirlwind of fun and I made a few friends through it all.  I happened to recieve two pins as a thank you for a job well done from the rav crew and Kimberli, the brain child of the Ravelympics success.  Ya’ll get to have one.

Continental - Malabrigo lace

Going to live with Knittymuggins

My next love is Malabrigo. Tis a sad state of affairs. I’ve fallen for this temptress and its soft merino ways. Whether you already love it or are mal curious, I’ve got 2 skeins of Malabrigo lace in Continental. You can knit practically any size shawl with two skeins. There are many projects that only take one skein.

Twitchell Mills country yarn

Going to live with CDaniele

My next love is knitting sweaters. Oh yes. I adore being able to curl up in a perfectly fit sweater. Right here I have 1,000 yds of rustic heavy worsted weight yarn that would make a nice outdoors sweater in a rich red. Its an older discontinued yarn that was spun by Harrisville Designs, which is located in the town adjacent to my High School in New Hampshire.

Spinning Fiber

One summer, I drove up back from my college in South Carolina to attend the Harrisville Summer school so that I could learn to spin. I went a bit hog wild buying fiber and the cotton fiber in the bag is from that shopping spree through the LYSes of New Hampshire. The other little bag is handpainted fiber locks from Blue Moon Fiber Arts before Tina became so well known. I’ve packaged them together as one prize since they were part of my attempt to fall in love with spinning and felting. Alas I love handspun, but not the process.

Hand-dyed roving in autumn colors

Going to live with Jess in the snowy white.

This lovely 4 oz bump of autumnal colored wool was given to me by a swap pal before I realized I probably would never spin again. I might give spinning the good old boy scout try but I just get so bored so easily that I would much rather be knitting away furious.y. The color is one of my favorite color mixtures and I so want to keep it and hoard it for that time when I will spin, but realize its fruitless.

Habu A1-38

Going to live with Hilary – the yarniad

Once I reached art school in 2001, I discovered the joy that is Habu yarns. My weaving teacher encouraged us to play with and experience the things that make habu yarn unique. We had a session on distorted weaves and how a specific yarn can enhance or detract from the final product. I had lots of fun playing with the Habu yarns. I still have a rubbermaid tub under the bed in my studio full of Habu. Its all laceweight (aka weaving weight) so I don’t use it that often since I haven’t woven in almost 5 years. I’m planning to rectify that very soon. The yarn is 1 oz (265 yards) of A-1 Tsumugi Silk in color 38. I’m sure you could come up with something for this lovely crisp silk yarn, which blocks beautifully.

Trekkings XXL sock yarn - 100

Lastly I’ve fallen in love with sock yarn. The only problem is I don’t really knit socks all that often and definitely not that often for myself. This yarn is the most popular color that Trekking XXL comes in colorway 100 which is a rainbow of colors that stripes nicely. So I want to share the sock yarn indulgence with ya’ll.

All that adds up to 8 prizes that meets many different people’s interests, so spread the word and encourage people to vote on which of the 6 words, I will be using.  Contest is here.