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As the United States of America rings in a new president,  all are watching and waiting with batted breath what the future holds.  I have hopes and dreams for this administration as many of ya’ll do too.

For me, I’ve reached and passed my Second Blogiversary.  I’m so happy.  I started this blog so that I could focus on my art work again, instead of sitting around the house letting life pass me down.  Well I have kicked started my work and the creative juices are flowing.  I designed 5 items last year and proposed many more.  I have lots to do this year, but I will take it in pieces because if I look at all of it at once, I will get overwhelemed and just pack up shop.  I also finally pulled out my thesis and have shared with ya’ll what I accomplished in that stress induced year.  Well I’m ready to forge ahead and start researching and working on designing a new piece.  I eventually hope to display these in an art show.

Since this is a Blogiversary post, I’m going to let ya’ll in on the guessing of where I will be heading.  I thought about letting ya’ll pick the next word for me to focus on but there is one word that hasn’t left me alone for the past year.  It needs to be heard and seen and felt.

I have a collection of prizes that I will share with ya’ll over the next 2 weeks as the contest runs.  There is Habu yarn, spinning/felting fibers, knitting stuff and a brand new preview copy of a very cool concept knitting magazine.

There will be 3 ways to get into the drawing.  So leave me a comment, share with others on your blogs about my contest and those who pick the same word that I’m feeling will be thrown into the pot for prizes.  You will get a point for your comment.  Your blog post or ravelry mention will double your comment point (please let me know where you post about this).  If your friends who comment mention your name, you will get a point that matches their vote so you could vote for a word I don’t pick but still get into the prize drawing.

This contest is closed and the winners have been announced.

Your choices are:


Hint:  I already have the yarn purchased, just not uploaded into my stash yet.