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Eeep…. I hunkered down on 1-1-2009 to knit some instant gratification knits and 4 days later and 4 FOs later, I realize that I left ya’ll hanging with no FOs and me with a backlog of FOs to show.  You saw hints of many of them on the mosaic on New Year’s Eve.

Details are on Ravelry to save me time.

BILs Christmas socks

Brother-in-law: Received his second pair of Camo socksBlogged about here.
Reception: Good.  He asked what they were made of, since they were different.  I think he likes the bamboo.  I also sweetened the gift with a Starbucks’ card which the whole family knows I despise their coffee so ….


Oldest Sister-in-law Si: Received a lace mohair cowl
Reception: Well received after I explained what a cowl was.  She wore it most of the week either around her neck or as a headband.  She did ask if next time I could not use mohair (this was asked for feedback), since it was just a touch itchy.  So I see a Malabrigo cowl or two in her future.

lion washcloth or blanket

Nephew Frog Boy: Received a lion dishcloth
Reception: This was a bit of a gamble since he screwed up his face at the handknit hat from last year.  He ripped open the box and yelled: “A blanket for gee!!”  Gee is his stuffed frog that he must not be without.  So I guess it won’t be used as intended use; the frog sure does get alot of my handknits.  More sock scrap scarves were requested so she could change her “outfit”.

Dog Boy's Christmas sweater

Nephew Dog Boy: Received a light blue sweater as requested
Reception: He really liked it especially the dog bone buttons that I picked up in Hawaii thinking about this sweater that he had requested.  The neckline was a tad bit wide because I had an extra long row gauge compared to the pattern.  Oops so I added a second set of buttons.  He wanted to hold Lexi during the photoshoot but she refused to hold still or just wanted to lick his face.

sail earrings

Younger Sister-in-law Bud: Received a hat and a pair of earringsHat blogged about here.
Reception: She loved the hat and was happy to have a hat to match her fingerless mittens.  Everyone including me kept borrowing it during Christmas week.  The earrings astonished her that they were knit.

Puget Sound Urchin

My Parents got their presents in September if you will remember.

Churchable didn’t get anything from me.  Bad wife.  Bad wife.  I have plans but they involve him helping me find memorabillia to make into a shadow box.  I was going to do it on my own but then I ran into my present and didn’t want to find any others.  Sadly I ruined my only suprise.  Darn it! Why do I keep doing that.

My Father-in-law requested a hand knit original design cabled cardigan, so guess what this years big challenge will be.  I might be buying almost everyone else’s gifts.  He was informed last year that it would take me 2 years to make him one.