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I get to celebrate the new year with my Flickr account.  I’ve been locked out for the past 2 weeks and just convinced yahoo that the account was mine this afternoon after multiple detailed emails proving that I know what is in the accounts.  In celebration, I renewed my pro account for 2 years.

This year held alot of promise and that promise came to fruition.  I decided to branch out in my designing and release patterns on my own website, which caused me to move from blogspot to my own domain and then to redo the blogging software because blogger FTP was really messing up a few of my readers.  Thanks to RobinM for helping me diagnoise the promblem.  So I just sucked it up and moved to WordPress and I’m in love, even though I’m in need of an update, which will have to wait when churchable comes home.

2008 Designs

1. Squiggle Set, 2. Cattrack cowl, 3. beach cover up, 4. Firebrick mittens

I have designed and released 5 patterns this year so far, with one waiting for release in February.

2008 Finished Objects Part 1

1. secret pal socks, 2. Noro Silk Garden Sock, 3. Fabrege Cowl, 4. Sanford’s Hat, 5. Papa & baby hats, 6. Squiggle Cowl & Hat, 7. Lettuce button band of doom, 8. Baby Rose sleeping in her hat, 9. Baby Rose in her new hat, 10. IMG_0421, 11. IMG_0473, 12. IMG_0418, 13. IMG_0367, 14. IMG_0455, 15. Baby Rose’s Blanket, 16. Baby Rose in her BSJ, 17. Watery Death, 18. Empire perfect, 19. CareBear’s socks, 20. BILs Christmas socks, 21. Firebrick Mittens, 22. Dad’s Christmas Hat, 23. Bubble Pullover, 24. play crown, 25. play crown

2008 Finished Objects Part 2

1. play crown, 2. Labyrinth, 3. A little coy, 4. Bucket hat with flower, 5. Matt’s Koolhaas hat, 6. wrap around – Alisa, 7. Matt’s hat, 8. Are you ready?, 9. Hat to replace Matt’s too short hat, 10. Cattrack cowl, 11. Endpaper Mitt, 12. monkey socks, 13. Taking a dip, 14. Firebrick mittens, 15. Fiona Baby Sundress, 16. Headband to match baby dress, 17. The elfen godess allowing the rain to kiss her., 18. Wicked, 19. Churchable’s Zeebee, 20. Puget Sound Urchin, 21. Bun approved carrot, 22. Twisted Flower, 23. Cattrack Cowl – semi-solid version, 24. lower diamonds, 25. Secret Squirrel Box

A total of 53 projects large and small have been completed some of those are duplicates of my designs just so I know they work out.

11 sweaters
9 pairs of socks
23 accessories
10 baby items

1. your best FO of the year

Its a tie between The Grey Skies Bubble Pullover and Alisa.  I think these are my most stunning FOs of the past year.  They are beautifully constructed and the photo shoots turned out fabulous.

2. best FO of the year made by a blog you link to

I read a few less blogs than I did last year simply because I ran out of time and needed to cut.  Here is a sampling of blogs that I love a few FOs that were done this year.  Kristen of Through the Loops has come up with some fabulous designs and I love seeing her kids model the garments – I’m especially in love with her newest design that’s not released yet called Breath Deep (rav link).   I started reading a new blog – Assemblage that mostly shows sewing, but her knitting is absolutely fabulous, especially Thursday Tank.  One blogger I even had the delight to meet and share a lovely lunch with Vi of SoKnitPicky, all her garments are fabulously completed and they look smashing.  I fell in love with her Button Cowl Neck Pullover & Mirabella Cardigan.  Another Blogger that I had the delight to meet in person was my best friend Knittymuggins, she so kindly test knit a bunch of patterns for me this year.  I think at times that she gets better pictures than I do of my patterns.  Knittymuggins and I have also had the joy to co-moderate the Sexy Knitters Club(rav link) while Jeanie the founder took some well deserved time off.  Minty Fresh’s skirts always make me want to knit more skirts to wear all the time.  While looking at FOs on ravelry, I discovered Lunitink’s blog: 3 sleeves to the wind.  Her Sweaters stun me, especially her take on Diminishing Cables (rav link) by Annie Modesitt.  Right around this time last year, I stumbled across Kathrynivy, a sister blogging duo.  Everything they produce is stunning photographed and so cute.  I’m not much for knitted toys because the finishing work on them normally drives me nuts but I love looking at Caffaknitted‘s work especially the Henry the Eight series and her bunny cyclops (rav link).  The last blogger I will mention is The Yarniad.  Hilary has a great eye for design and she creates stunning FOs.

3. best yarn you tried

I fell in love with both Malabrigo and Madelinetosh yarn.  Both are soft yarns with delicious colors.  My love for Malabrigo has extended to the point I was asked to help moderate the Malabrigo Junkies.  With madelinetosh, I keep buying her yarn and just petting it.  I finally cast on with her worsted when it was released in August while on vacation in Hawaii and completed the Favorite Cardigan(rav link) from Wendy’s Custom Knits.  Right after the Tosh Worsted was released, I noticed that she had a yarn club called the Magnolia Society that offered more than just sock yarn in her fabulous colorways.
4. best new book/mag/pattern of 2008

Books: Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard has to be my all time favorite knitting book of 2008.  My second fav is the newly released book on knitted jewelry by Rosemary Hill (the earrings in the mosaic are from the book).

This year was the year of new online knitting magazines.  My favorites are the extremely popular The Twist Collective, Knotions, PopKnits,  and Metapostmodernknitting.  Some of these are new, while others are a little older but they gained my attention.

5. best new knitting technique or gadget you tried in 2008

This year I discovered beaded stitch markers.  Not really a new gadget but a lovely way to keep those stitch counts correct.

6. top 5 inspirations–what five things inspired you the most over the past year?

Yarn, Needs, Texture, and my dreams

7. designer who most amazed & inspired you throughout the year

Norah Gaughan, Kristen of through the Loops, Ysolda and the authors of Knit So Fine.  I know Ysolda has been around for a while but I’ve just been smitten by her work this year.

8. knitting resolutions for 2009–what’s next for you and your blog?

I feel like I completed last years goals.  This year I will try to be more consistent.  I also have started a larger research design project that you will see posted on Mondays.  I’ve always wanted to start adding to my thesis work and I’ve finally got the ball rolling and I’m starting by reviewing what I did do in my thesis.