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Secret Squirrel Box

This week has been productive.  I have finished and blocked two items.  As you will notice from the WIPs on the right side, I have finished the secret squirrel project.  At least the knitting of it, I still have to finish the pattern, but its a huge relief off my shoulders.

I also finished a Christmas present and have moved onto another present.  I also have been practicing with my photography white box.  I’m getting awesome photos.

Hmmm... waves of knitting

My most recent cast on is from Rosemary Hill‘s most recent book: Elements of Style.  I noticed that these would be a perfect present for a family member and immediately ordered the book while away over Thanksgiving.  I also knew I had the right yarn in my stash, because I had purchased some Habu Silk Stainless A-21 while in Houston, Texas from Twisted Yarn.

just the perfect sparkle

I’ve been itching to play with this yarn since I was introduced to it in art school.  I think I prefer knitting with it than I would weaving with the yarn.

just the right view

My other present will be knit with the above yarn.  I love the subtle color.  I’m going to be making Riverstone in the Age 4 size for Dog Boy so that he has room to grow.

Maybe there's a prize within?

Way back in April, I asked Dog Boy if he would like me to knit him something and he told me a thweater. When pressed for a color, he simply stated, “light boo.” Hopefully his youthful love of light blue is satisfied. I made sure to get the least purpley skeins of this yarn.

Check those sleeves

I, on the other hand, have not progressed far on my Christmas sweater endevor.  Our KAL deadline for the Sexy Knitters Club is next Wednesday, but I doubt I will be done by then.  As an administrator of that KAL, I know what is planned for the upcoming year and I might be given grace to finish later.