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Secret Squirrel Project

Its been a long 2 weeks since I posted last about my WIPs. That week before Thanksgiving, I ran around like a crazy squirrel storing up nuts for the impending doom. Ok well thanksgiving is not doom but great awesomeness with yummy treats. The doom is Black Friday. I really dislike it and try to get all my Christmas shopping done before Black Friday arrives.

Well in that crazy squirrel panic, I got myself really really sick. I think I’ve finally kicked the bug in the teeth. It was a nasty nasty sore throat that took my voice and my will to do anything. During this time, I got to meet my new niece Rose, one of my test knitters Erica, and a few malabrigo friends from the Junkie group on ravelry (WannaGarden, SFcorgi, & Kimberli). It was an awesome time even though I was sick and grouchy and Churchable got seriously annoyed at me. I don’t really do well as a sick person without her homeopathic remedies (I’m extremely allergic to most otc medicines).

By the time we got back on Saturday night about midnight, I had a killer headache that wouldn’t leave until last night.  Thank goodness it went away because it meant I finally got a chance to work on the secret squirrel project in the bag above.  I’m a bit further and I’m puzzling out how to explain it in the pattern.

Snow White in progress.

I’ve been plugging away at my Sexy Knitters Club pattern. I’m in love with this pattern and I can’t wait to wear it. Hopefully its not too hot. I’m worried because Malabrigo sweaters with long sleeve seem to cause me to overheat easily. I guess I could learn to wear dresses and shorts more in the winter so that I can enjoy my sexy knits.

Snow White is a fabulous pattern and ysolda has been great with the pattern support plus she reformatted the pattern and now it is delightfully easy to follow. The old pattern made my head spin as I tried to scan it and figure out where I was. Now I can quickly scan and figure out where I am or where another SKC member is and needs help.