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I finished the hem of Flair on Sunday evening, since then I have stalled on the sleeve.   Flair is coming out rather slim, its going to be more cardigan than jacket so I have decided to go with the blue buttons from the post last Wednesday. I am nervous but I seem to always be nervous before I block something. Since I’m trying to figure out cardigan/jacket, I will keep at this until I get it right.


This sweater was finished and I have worn it at least twice in the last month, but I was just unhappy with it because of this:

Lettuce button band of doom

The band was lettuce-ing and driving me nuts. So I tried to create a button band reinforcement with grosgrain ribbon. It failed miserably since the buttonholes done by the machine ripped out. So I grudgingly ripped out the buttonhole side and re-knit it with a smaller needle. I am so happy that I went and ripped out the button band too. So I need to re-knit the band. It should only take me a short while but I have yet to do it.