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Sublime Kid Mohair by Sublime

Kid Mohair Blend by Sublime buy
4.75sts/inch on US 8s
60% Kid Mohair, 35% Nylon, 5% Merino
122 yards. Color: 0070
Kid Mohair Blend by Sublime on Ravelry

So I am not a fan of mohair so I’m not sure I can give a fair review of this yarn.  People keep saying that Rowan Kid Silk is the best so I will still reserve complete judgement on the entire fiber, but I just don’t like my sweater poking back when I wear it.  I don’t mind knitting with the stuff, just wearing it bugs me even with a t-shirt on underneath.

This one also knitted true to the stated gauge on size 8s, but Mohair is a fickle friend in that it can mimic many gauges before you actually get too small or too big.  It was a fairly easy knit without too much snagging for a mohair.

The feeling of the swatch on my face and neck aren’t bad but not soft enough for me.

Let me apologize for the swatch color and picture quality.  I shot about 8 pics and that above was the best.  The color hates me and would not let the camera focus.  I got a special high powered light yesterday to help with photographing so we will see if things improve.