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Ravelympics socks - almost done

I have been knitting my little heart out for the Ravelympics. I had a 24 hour late start and I had a few days of no knitting. I finished first sock Sunday night. Monday I cast on and knit my daily need to finish by the end of the race, but had to rip it all out since my cast on was too tight on the second sock. I caught up yesterday but have had little time today to knit. Most of my knitting has not been to the olympics but rather David Paul Boreanaz movies and tv shows. All spring Churchable would ask me how angel was doing and I would stare at him funny cause I had only been watching episodes of Bones. Well silly me did not realize that the male lead of Bones was Angel. So far this summer I have watched Buffy season 1 & 2 plus Angel season 1. I am a bit smitten with his acting abilities. Ames probably will be happy that I have finally fallen for a male actor. Her current obsession is the guy from Supernatural, which is off her norm since she loves the bald dudes especially Vin Diesel.

Care Bears socks - almost done

So I might not be knitting for Ames but CareBear almost has a pair of socks, I am sure she is getting antsy to have them on her feet. My goal is to ship them off before I fly off to Hawaii. Hey CareBear our art school adviser says hey. She is getting a masters in counseling right now.