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Last week, I had nothing to on the needles so I skipped. This week, I have many new cast ons and the Ravelympics (scroll down a bit) is just around the corner.

First up the second sock that was cast on this weekend,

CareBears 2nd Toe

CareBears sock has progress to movie knitting length. We will be going to see Indiana Jones soon at the pub theater and I intend to knit on this while there. Any more thoughts CareBear on the colors?

Chocolate Creme Square-Neck Top

The Sexy Knitters Club has nominated Joan McGowan-Michael for the 3rd Quarter KAL. I have yarn for at least 5 patterns that I love but I doubt I will be able to knit all of those with Ravelympics and a vacation to Hawaii during August and September. I am knitting the Chocolate Creme Square-Neck Top from Knitting Lingerie Style. I am using Knitpicks newest yarn Comfy with trim in Nashua Cilantro. I am enamored with both yarns.

Turbulence U-Neck

I started my mom’s Christmas present. I need to have it done by the time I leave for Hawaii or at least have it almost done when I board the plane on September 7th. I am knitting her a pattern that she picked out of Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan. If you are interested in what pattern check out my ravelry notebook.