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I have been a bit over obsessed with a certain project in my rotation. It refused to let go of my attentions until last night (Wednesday) past midnight. I used every scrap of 5 skeins. Phew. It took a trip to show off at Twisted for my month yarn shop stop. Now it is waiting for a nice bath.

secret squirrel sock

I was in a bit of Ennui with this sock, but I picked it up Saturday night and I fell back in love with it.  It grew quickly under my distracted attention.  The yarn was springy and nice.  I don’t know if my gauge changed or if I just have a different view of the yarn today.  It will probably flow past this weekend as I contemplate its special bits.

Care Bear's sock

Care Bear’s socks are progressing and like I said she has been checking up on their progress, hoping to see the colors and look of these special prezzies.  No worries Care Bear, I know you too well and will be keeping things in the down low.

Needless to say this weekend will probably involve a rash of cast-onitis.