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I have been knitting away on one project lately.

Bubble Pullover

I got the body completed on Saturday. Finished the Hip ribbing that needs a very cool button and a good blocking to look better.

Bubble Pullover

I started a sleeve yesterday. My goal was to do it top down and attach it to the body since I have eliminated seams by provisionally casting on everything. I would not let myself go to sleep until I finished the sleeve cap. I went to sleep quite happy because it fit perfectly.

We have a new person interested in yarn in this house. Mr Bun was sniffing around the sock yarn box yesterday. I pulled out the camera to catch what I hoped was a cute picture of the bun sniffing yarn. Sadly I catch a heinous crime by the grumpy bunny.

Mr Bun grabs the STR and makes a run for it

Sorry the picture is blurry. He is fast.

He tried to steal a skein of STR out of my box and dig in it. Jesh, I thought only my needles were endanger of being harmed by my animals but no it seems the bunny can not be trusted around an open box of yarn.

Since I have shown you a crime to sock yarn, I will put you at ease that I am not leaving the stash out for bunnies to make snarled messes out of, but rather to knit with them. My BFF Care Bear had a birthday on Sunday. I have had yarn in my stash for her birthday socks since April, but had not asked her for her measurements.

Sock for Care Bear

Unfortunately, she reads my blog and looks at my flickr page so ya’ll get to see a picture with the colors scrubbed out.  I tried a new toe with this pattern and I think I really like it.  It has a really cool look to it.

Other than that Knittymuggins and I have started the Sexy Knitters Club‘s first all ravelry nominations.  Go check it out.  We have eleven designers nominated this round and hope to have more soon.