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Since we are in July and I have not shared all of June’s Yarn Tastings, we will play catch up. Here are the 2 yarns from left from June.

Samp'a by Mirasol

Samp’a by Mirasol

5.5 sts/inch on US 6s
100% Organic Cotton
120 yards. Color: 604
Samp’a on Ravelry

I love this yarn. It reminds me of the Cotlin that I used for Alisa. It has the same hand as Cotlin while knitting without the little pills that come off during the knitting process. On ravelry, I have actually endorsed this yarn as an official substitute for Alisa. It has fabulous stitch definition while still not hurting the hands like many 100% cotton yarns.

Olive by Zaol

Olive by Zaol

8 sts/inch on US 2s
100% Tencel
232 yards Color: 1224
Olive on Ravelry

I tried really and truly to knit this on size 2 needles. It was loose and icky looking. I couldn’t imagine how it would look good. I forget where I saw it but I had seen that this was a crocheter’s dream yarn. I pulled out my US 3 steel crochet hook and started crocheting. It is a dream to crochet with. The stitches shined just so and they nestled in together so nicely. The yarn became board stiff when I wet blocked it but upon drying it softened up and draped nicely. I did approximately 1″ of single crochet (sc) and 1″ of double crochet (dc) over 32 stitches for 4″. At this present moment, I don’t have an idea of what I would crochet but I am sure it would create some nice flowing edgings.