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Hey guys,

POF has finished its move in. I have fixed all the links that I can think of. If something is wonky or missing, let me know. I need to put in some more widgets but mostly it is all done.

Now to the all important, What’s on my needles?

BILs Christmas socks 08

BIL Christmas Socks – almost done

Prayer socks

Prayer socks – First done, Second started

5 pentagons of the Bubble Pullover

Bubble Pullover – 5 pentagons done. I am being a bit weird and blocking as I go. Here is 3 pentagons.

I have swatched for a Christmas present but not sure yet of what I want to knit other than a hat for someone very special. A person who has never gotten a hand knit from me before and he has known me since I first picked up the sticks. I will probably knit my new fav basic ribbed hat.