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This week has been hard. I have barely knit. Maybe a few stolen stitches here and there, but not many since I got back from our anniversary weekend. I have finished a WIP from last week but mostly I have only touched a few things so I will just show you what has changed since last week.

BIL Christmas socks

These socks have progressed since last week simply because they were plan stockinette stitch and that was something easy to pick up and put down when I had the chance.

Matt's Koolhaas hat

This is the last of my popcorn knits. I really wanted to work on it over the weekend but it was so hot. Malabrigo might be yummy and all but it feels yucky in 90 degree temps without air conditioning. I hope to have this finished soon. I should since we have alot of driving this weekend when we go to visit our friend in Bend.

Labyrinth -SKC KAL

Lastly I have gathered my yarn for the Labyrinth pattern which is one of the Sexy Knitters Club patterns this time around. I am so excited. We have moved to ravelry and I was asked to be an administrator. It is super exciting but right now in the transition period as we set up the new group site there is a bit more to be done.