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Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn

Hey Everyone,

Do you know what all that is in the picture? Well of course you do. Do you know what it means? Well I do it means work.

I have been diligently following some bizarre leads (ie not from my usual sources). I had one random knitter at Madrona suggest that I go volunteer for this company that is a mere 45 min and 25 miles from my house. I ignored this sock knitter that was fondling Kogui, because who was she but some random knitter. Well back in march I bought the Yarn Harlot‘s book Casts off to amuse myself since humor was needed in those dark hours ( I had as of yet never read one of her books). Halfway though the book I glanced at the cover and stared in shock. This was the random knitter that suggest I go talk to a yarn company. Um oops. After getting back in the routine of being home and no longer caring for Meemo (my MIL), I went on a small PDX yarn crawl of my own making. I stumbled into Farm House Knit Shop. I petted the yarn. Bought some yarn and talked to the owner, who suggested that I apply for a job at the same yarn company. Well I bounced along said path of application and eventually met Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

I had no clue what kind of job I would be offered, but I was willing to take anything. What art school graduate does not want to work in their chosen field? Well I got what to me is a dream job. I get to play with yarn all day and imagine and bring to actuality designs that are dancing in my head with Blue Moon Yarn. So Yes I am now a designer for Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

What this means to you my dear readers is that I will not be posting as often. I will try to post at least once a week, but I will let you know when a deadline is close and you will see me slip into the dark world of knitting my fingers off to create something. Hopefully something people will like.