Posted by on May 8, 2007 in fiber | 3 comments

As you know, I was in Spo Vegas for the week. Churchable joined us later in the week so that he could join in a family tradition of competing in Bloomsday. Now I was not too thrilled by this prospect of running 7.5 miles or so on a hot Sunday. Churchable convinced me that I would find a way to make it enjoyable and that we would walk the route.

He left me at the 6 mile marker to run to the finish line, but the sock did not leave. The sock actually enjoyed the race and drew quite a few admirers. I bought the sock along since he was not getting much exposure to the world. I thought a little cultural experience might teach him to grow and to desire to walk soon.

So may I present to you the Sock in all his glory as a finisher at Bloomsday. He even received a t-shirt. I think it is a little big for him but he refuses to admit that he might not be able to wear it. He has big dreams. He enjoyed his growing experience attaining a full length of five inches, which makes his average walking time of 1008 st per hour (aka an inch)

Below are pictures of his adventures: