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If a person can have severe Startitus, then I had a bad case yesterday. I think it accounts for driving approx. 7 hours to my in laws in Spo Vegas on Monday and not knitting at all.

I commented on Monday on the Sexy Knitters Club when I posted about my Rusted Root that I wanted to make the Sahara with some Blue Moon Bling (aka Lupe). I bought the beautiful shade of Saratoga in Lupe (100% Nylon Boucle) knowing that I would use it for Sahara. I really had no thought of what I wanted to use for the main yarn. I wanted something solid colored that would make my bling pop. My first thoughts were Silky Wool but I eventually decided on another Elsebeth Lavold yarn Cotton Patine in color 05 damson. My reasoning came after holding up several different colors of Silky Wool and not finding a match. I swatched last night and came up with gauge with US 7 which was the recommended size on the ball band.

I have been working a little bit on my husband’s second sock. I have 2 1/2 inches of the 10 1/2 inch sole. It is always slow going on his socks. I just realized it might be that I don’t like the feel of the yarn and thus it is not enjoyable to knit with. Oh well that just means I have to destash some lovely yarn or make it into baby items. I am entirely tempted to rip out the needles and forget this second sock existed but churchable loves the colors so I am going to finish. Honey I want you to know this sock is truly a labor of love.

Next up I have Blue Moon Sock Candy (96% Cotton, 4% Elite) in Borage. I lovely the deep green color. This cotton is so squishy and soft that this sock is flying off my needles. I am already 4 inches into the sock from the tip of the toes. I am so glad that I bought enough to make two pairs of socks.

The last project that I cast on for is the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I am working this in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in cream and cranberry fog. I am enjoying changing colors every other row. I will have to see how this works out when I come to the large sections of short rows.

Our church is having a baby boom. I wanted to start on another project that is for a baby boy that is needed sooner than the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I swatched with the yarn that I brought and realized they were too thin and totally unsuitable for a baby. The yarn was scratchy and tough. I must confess I just grabbed enough yarn from the box marked Sport weight that was in little boy colors and ran out the door.

Updated with pics on 5/4/07