My name is Chris “Chrispy” Church, a graduate of Oregon College of Art and Craft where I earned a certificate of craft in Fiber Arts. I also have a bachelor of science in intercultural studies from Columbia International University where I studied arts and culture inspired by world religions. I have been a knitter for 10 years and started designing patterns in 2007. Before launching, I designed some patterns for the Raven project with Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

I design with the idea that the garments we wear should cover the body but show off its beauty with elegance. I enjoy various techniques and try to use them to create unique structure in my designs.

I started knitting Christmas of my freshman year of college right after I decided that my next program after my cultural degree would be fiber arts rather than engineering. I still see the math and the structure very clearly in my knitting. I think it incorporates both sides of my studies and interests. My mom never thought I would do well since all evidence pointed towards me doing well in a math and science field (1st in math in my state in High School), but she realized that I was on the right path when I sat down and created a complicated garment from scratch in one afternoon. From that point on, she never mentioned graduate school to receive a Masters in Engineering.

I started designing clothing my second year of my three year program in art school. It was intriguing and compelling. I was hooked. My senior thesis contained 3 dresses based upon a theme. Upon graduation, I searched for a way to satisfy my desire to design garments while not going into fashion industry and mass producing even if on a small scale.